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Re: How To Keep Your Hard Earned Money Very Separate From Your Roku Account For The Foreseeable Futu

Nice tutorial, but the people who need it will never see it.
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I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
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Re: How To Keep Your Hard Earned Money Very Separate From Your Roku Account For The Foreseeable Futu

Yes you're right.  Although it's more of they come to this forum when it's too late to heed this warning.

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Re: How To Keep Your Hard Earned Money Very Separate From Your Roku Account For The Foreseeable Futu

"............Yes im glad that works well for you however a successful multi hige company complaining that they dont have a customer support center to talk to people is upsurd and other companies manage to figure it out why cant they? I am old school and doing everything on line dorsnt come easy for me and when my card is being charged because they dodnt notify me as they agreed to and 100 is deducted from my card yes i want to someone now not wait 48 hrs. For some lame excuse while meanwhile i could get more charges while waiting for a reply and its nice you have a mother who lets you use her card not all of us have that luxury i have one two card i use and theres usually a set amount on them that has to pay my bills and last me all month its been my experience a card that has a 0 balance usually isnt accepted. Now im charged 100 and cant afford that at all because i had a week of free trials that they were supposed to notify me when it was up and didnt and then took hours to find out how to cancel them when o would have preferred to talk to someone and get it resolved in 5-10 minutes.........."-laurencd9

I hear you loud and clear!  Be persistent with your grievances right now.  Thorns still causes the person or animal to scratch!  If you think that I'm a youngish techie person, well the truth is I'm far older than that.  I lived in the world before high tech really took off.  Before Customer Service really was cheapen even more by high tech!

In that world, I worked for many types of companies.  One of the things that all these companies had in common was the bottom line.  And periodic cost cutting.  That meant Customer Service (in person,  over the phone, and snail mail interactions in those days) in some way was whittled down.  

Customer Service is where the complaints land when the product or service misfires for whatever reason-then as it is now.   The difference is there is really no great Customer Service left as high tech innovations and layoffs pretty much eliminated whatever was left of this business practice (like everything else).  And began to retreat to the online world where in person and over the phone contact is greatly reduced or pretty much eliminated.  So we all (not just myself) has to adapt to this new reality.  

That means most of our problems we have to be persistent and naggy to get refunds.  I hate that and it's not great for older person's blood pressure, but it is what it is.  My mother's social worker and legal adviser has set up her living expenses by NOT using credit cards online unless it's absolutely necessary.  The card I discussed here is not her actual primary cards or accounts, but a active "dummy" card to prevent someone from taking her assets from her.  It's a wall of protection like a trust, nothing more   My mother-just a simple pensioner with a fixed income-pays these people to dream up unorthodox, yet still legal, ways to protect her and her children from expected usual con artists to even legitimate businesses who might not be there for their customers anymore.  She thinks it's a good idea for other people to know about this.  She wanted me to post it here for all of you both as a warning and a solution.  It's as simple as that.

I cannot change how the world operates now.  I cannot change the rather cruel hierarchy way of weeding out rightfully complaining customers about their broken  product/services by making the whole experience as miserable as possible.  Especially for getting their refunds back in their own bank accounts.  Except for unorthodox yet proven methods.  

The world of the 21st century made people very much alone.  So quick to promise a service or product, so slow in addressing problems.  

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