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House Bound: How Roku (& Other Streaming Devices) Saving My Sanity

Sadly, I am housebound for now.  Right now, it's just a simple regular old cold brought on by all the stress out there due to that dreaded Corona Virus' rapidly approaching the general population's whereabouts as of this writing.

Being over 60 (just a little bit!), I am now confined to my house along with my family except for necessary food and supplies runs.   I avoid any and all crowds via gatherings, public transportation, public libraries, even medical offices' waiting rooms.  I don't know how other people of yesteryear dealt with this sort of confinement.   I (and all of you as well) have one thing they did not have back then.  Roku Streaming Devices and Televisions!

Thank you Roku & other modern tech options.  I think I am coping far better now than my grandparents did 100 years ago. While I do miss being out and about, I have a wealth of wonderfully great either paywall or especially free content to watch when I am not sleeping or sewing.   My mind is not going to waste!  Or I'm not getting cabin fever & climbing the walls either!

I was able to remotely guide another friend successfully in installing/troubleshooting his own Roku just a couple of days ago even with this awful cold via my smartphone & Chromebook without exposing him in any way!  I don't know what I would do without these tech tools and options as they really weren't much of an option even a decade or so ago!

So I'm posting this in order to help others in some small way in dealing with this unexpected contagion.   Stress is the one I should have paid more attention to, not social media hysteria.  Still, be safe, follow all health guidelines from knowledgeable people you can trust, and hope this will pass real soon from us all.

I hope the Roku staff is able to keep healthy, yet be around for us to still interact safely with-right here on this forum!

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Re: House Bound: How Roku (& Other Streaming Devices) Saving My Sanity


Thanks for the update.

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better and make a speedy recovery!

We're happy to hear that at least you have your Roku while you are at home.

Happy Streaming,

Danny R.
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Re: House Bound: How Roku (& Other Streaming Devices) Saving My Sanity

Thank you for your kind reply.  I have been improving vastly each day.  I want to make it a bit more clear that I am volunteering freely on my own to stay home even with a just simple cold-not that virus.  Although it now seems that I-and many many more-will be more housebound for the foreseeable future. 

Things are so rapidly changing even as I actually post this online!  Always remember to keep up with what's going on out there with good dependable & reliable sources of information!  That is the best cure of all.

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Re: House Bound: How Roku (& Other Streaming Devices) Saving My Sanity

Yeah, being house-bound goes a lot easier when you have a variety of media content, all on demand instead of what the stations are deciding to broadcast.

I'm supposed to fly to DC in another week, but there's talk about postponing what I'm going to do. Seems they're "hinky" about flying someone from Seattle back there. I'm 65, so in the higher risk category, and of course am living in "ground zero", but am feeling just fine and to my knowledge have not been around anyone that is remotely feeling ill. I have about 5 days before the system buys my tickets, so they have to make up their minds soon. 


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Re: House Bound: How Roku (& Other Streaming Devices) Saving My Sanity

Thanks for the well wishes, @Iona-D ! We wish you a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, we're glad you have so many great options to keep yourself both occupied and entertained! 

So proud to hear about your success helping a friend get set up with the world of streaming, too! A big pat on the back from all of us. Smiley Very Happy

If you need any inspiration for new things to watch, feel free to browse the Roku Blog for more suggestions, or the online channel store at

Rest up and feel better soon! 




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