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Roku Guru

Have You Seen Judge Steve Harvey? OMG He's Funny!


Funny Verdicts

"I'm not awarding nothin' to nobody!"  

Funny Comments

"I don't want to have a 'judge' show anymore!"

Keeping It Light

<Harvey is laughing> "Sorry.  That's not funny." <Pause.  Harvey busts out laughing again.>

Interesting Cases

$6,000 was paid for her brother's funeral.  Instead, her sister had him cremated and spent the money on a "BBL" Brazilian But Lift for herself!  OMG!

Audience Participation

The studio audience eh hem I mean the courtroom witnesses laughed along with and applauded Harvey throughout.  

Really Good Discussion

It's hard to stop watching because Harvey keeps everything moving and so light and entertaining all the while.

My Review

We had been looking for a good Judge X show and tried several.  We like Judge Steve Harvey the best so far.  We like how he is always all smiles so the cases never seem too serious.  We like the way Harvey keeps the show moving and keeps it light.  And Harvey is such a naturally funny guy.  We all saw that during his years of hosting Family Feud.  Harvey also seems to really understand people's motives quickly and isn't fooled at all by people's uh creative explanations and omissions in the courtroom.  So the pace is upbeat, the mood is lively and the verdicts are just.  "Steve Harvey: Unleashed" could have been an alternate title for this lively, interesting and entertaining TV courtroom show.  An unexpected gem.  

Where/How to Stream It:

The show is on ABC on Tuesday nights at 8 PM if you have access to traditional cable.

We also found it on the Hulu $6/mo. mini plan.  


If you aren't a Steve Harvey fan yet, this show will make you one.  Must see at least one episode!

Roku Guru

Re: Have You Seen Judge Steve Harvey? OMG He's Funny!

Don't think it can be seen in the UK.

Judge Rinder (UK version of Judge Judy) is pretty good (he also has a newspaper column which is freely available)

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Re: Have You Seen Judge Steve Harvey? OMG He's Funny!

Hi, thanks for such an amazing post. I have read and watched this as well.

I found him so funny, LOL. But the way he smiles, Love that Heart

Best Regards.


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