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Fake Roku Support Forum on Reddit

Since this is an "official" Roku Support Forum, I wish to make everyone aware of a fake Roku Support Forum that currently exists on Reddit at

For the last several weeks, I'd been browsing that forum and assisting users who have had problems with their devices. Many of which I managed to help them solve. Unfortunately though, the moderators of that forum got jealous of the success that I was having in helping other users that they decided to ban me for life from their little so called Roku forum. Their reasoning was because I had inserted a link to my website in one of my postings, to which I've since revised and removed upon their request, that I was guilty of their rules against self-promotion. For those who know me know that I DO NOT make not one red cent from my personal web site!! Period! After appealing their ban decision and communicating with their moderators through Reddit's mod mail feature and advising them that I would be further appealing their ban decision to Roku's Customer Support department. Their replies were:

"It is your responsibility to read the rules. I am not an employee (nor did I provide any indication I was), so your request to give you the CEO's contact info is laughable. I suggest you be realistic."

"Frankly I don't care if you contact Roku's customer support. They have zero control over me, as I'm not an employee or otherwise have any other relation as I have already stated. Even if I were, you are acting entitled in assuming that you'd somehow get a direct line to the CEO. Their response to you will have no bearing on me whatsoever. You broke the rules, you live with the consequences."

Yes, these were their replies in Reddit's mod mail, quoted verbatim. They then went on to mute me from being able contact them. Not only did these so called moderators of this forum admit to me that they do not work for Roku, but that they are also clearly violating Roku's trademark by using their trademarked name in their forum on Reddit without Roku's authorization, permission, or consent. Also by their above replies to me, it is my hope that everyone can see that this is not a professional way of doing business nor is this how you treat customers. By allowing these so called moderators to administer a forum on Reddit this way using Roku's federally registered trademarked name with this type of attitude, I feel that these so called moderators could not only do some major damage to Roku's reputation, but also to their business. As such, I strongly urge any and all Roku employees, corporate executives, managers, and supervisors who may read this to go to and report this fake Roku Support forum for trademark infringement violations before the so called moderators of this fake Roku Support forum have a chance to tick off other Roku customers with their strict forum rules and lifetime bans. All of which has the potential of not only damaging the real Roku Corporation's good name, reputation, but also their brand name with consumers as a whole. And that is why I strongly urge any employee or company executive of Roku to visit Reddit's abuse reporting site that I linked above and report this fake support forum to Reddit's site administrators for trademark infringement violations and abuse and have their fake support forum taken down before it's too late. After all, we are talking about your paycheques, your livelihoods, your careers, and your jobs. Because without the customer, you wouldn't have one. Thank you kindly for reading.

Robbie Stewart
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Roku Guru

Re: Fake Roku Support Forum on Reddit

Many Reddit admins are on power trips.

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Roku Guru

Re: Fake Roku Support Forum on Reddit

This topic is really sad, even tragic in it's own way.  Because of my own negative experiences online, I stopped joining any new discussion group of pretty much any topic.  And I don't post much of anything anymore unless necessary with my old previously joined ones.   I do not have much respect for online activities which involves some 2 way communication.  I still like streaming & ordering as it is one way, that's it.

I go where I have the most impact and good usage of my free time.  Where I belong.  In the real time world.  Even more so as time goes on.

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