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Entering The End Of The Year Holidays: It's Roku Time!

Now all of us are entering the busiest time of the year.  Thank gawd for Roku and their various devices in various price ranges.  I have already finished my holiday shopping (99,9% online this year).  And what did I spent my limited dollars and am sure to get what is asked for around here?  Why streaming devices-yes, some of them were Rokus-of course.

I have not experienced any "out of stock" buttons or delayed shipping as of this date (2 November 2021) in my local area.  The Itakis that were ordered were air shipped (bypassing the horribly clogged ports located nearby physically to me) and all arrived with no problems or damages of any kind.  With careful research (and mostly emailing the companies directly when I had questions), reading all those included-in-the-boxes instructions thoroughly before I start setting up the devices, and watching how to videos when needed was the only sane way to go even in these insane times. 

So get cracking with your selections/ordering, watch your budgets, and most of all, monitor your stress levels.  These forums are mostly safety valvesSafety Valve In Action.Safety Valve In guide you to a place where you need to go and gain the necessary knowledge.  Do It Yourself means just that: we are all on our own as adults are supposed to be.  Phone Centers were a nice touch but for the most part no longer exist in this new high tech cheap out world, but you will be able to do it all on your own.  That is the way it is.   Too bad there is really no real time old fashioned customer service many of us here that is still left.  Remember that Human Beings are one of the most adaptable creatures on this planet and will most always change-though hard and sometimes even painful- to benefit themselves.

Happy Stress Free Holidays With Your New Devices, Everyone!


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Re: Entering The End Of The Year Holidays: It's Roku Time!

Plus Customer Service lines do not have enough employees (people, except some off-shore ones, do not want to work) so hold times are insanely long.  When you do reach a human they often read from a menu of what to do and usually are not helpful. Although not perfect, self help communities like this can be very helpful and I’m appreciative of that.