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Re: Duracell Batteries can leak

Duracell is specifically the only battery I have used, for many years. And they never had anything close to the rate of failure of the type (most often appears to be off gassing/rupturing) that I have seen over the last several years. You found Eveready batteries that failed from possibly the same problem. Fine. But that doesn't let Duracell off the hook for something that is a serious reliability issue. Because these things are letting go in a matter of months, not years, and have destroyed equipment considerably more expensive than flashlights (which I have also lost).

It used to be that when you dug out battery-powered device that you infrequently use (flashlight, voltmeter, radio, etc), your only concern was "I hope the batteries have enough juice". Now, it's "I hope the batteries haven blown up and destroyed my device".

I never said that Duracell was the only brand prone to failure; it's just that it's the only brand I use, which, as a customer, entitles me to "point the finger" at them on this issue.

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