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Do You Wonder How to Insert an Image in Your Post?

If you'd like to insert an image in your post, to illustrate your question or concern, and you're wondering how to do that, the answer is ... you can't.

Here's what the Community's "Help" page says about inserting images:

How do I insert an image in a post?

To insert an image in a post:

  1. Start a new post.
  2. Click Insert Image.
  3. Choose an image source location.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

But what exactly is an "image source location"? The "Help" page explains:

How do I upload images?

Depending on your starting point, you choose one or more images, choose the album where they'll be located, and upload. There are size limitations, of course, and a community moderator must approve your images before others can see them. You can upload images from:

  • Your Albums and Images page
  • Any of your individual Album pages
  • Post Message, Answer, Comment, Article, and other Post pages

However, to use the Albums and Images features, community managers have to implement those features for the Community, as "Help" explains:

"There are now two versions of the image upload feature that communities can use. The choice is made by the community manager and applies to the entire community."

Those features do not appear to be implemented here. Thus, without approval in advance from a community manager, you cannot insert an image into your post.

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Re: Do You Wonder How to Insert an Image in Your Post?


Thanks for the post.

Community users have been able to upload a photo without an approval. There are numerous posts within the Community that have images attached to them.

Have you tried adding a photo to your post?

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Do You Wonder How to Insert an Image in Your Post?

It's all an insidious plot!It's all an insidious plot!

Roku Community Streaming Expert
I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.  Please, no support questions via private message -- post them publicly to the Community where others may benefit as well.
If this post solves your problem please help others find this answer by clicking "Accept as Solution.".

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Re: Do You Wonder How to Insert an Image in Your Post?

"Have you tried adding a photo to your post?"

Yes, I have. See my very first post: "Can't Enter CVV or Telephone Number to My Roku Account"

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