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Roku Guru

Digital Detox Time For All-Including Even Roku-Of My Screens!

This post is for people who don’t wish to completely give up on streaming screen/mobile phone usage.  Below I will be describing the radical shift in my life to lessen the pull of tech and still have room for it where it belongs within my life.  I am aware that this might not be for you.  This approach may or may not work for the rest of you.  I feel at the very least, I finally made peace with this issue during this month of January, 2022.  Warning:  This post will be on the long side.  Of that even I am aware of.  The underlying point is I almost paid too steep of a price for misuse of high tech.  I decided to change my own ties to the constant media blitz.  Yet still enjoy some of it in a healthy way like I have mostly done with my Roku products.  So in this frame of mind’s spirit, I will now upload this post.

This past month in a very strange way, I am going through a serious unanticipated digital detox.  The cost of supporting most any high technology I presently owned earlier this month has now passed even the most sanest way of paying for these little buggers out of my pocket.  Especially factoring in the rapidly accelerating high inflation now eroding pockets books and bank accounts.  So a major revision has had to be done to lessen anymore present and future problems caused by way too much gawking at screens-at least on my part which only I can control fully.

I have been getting some snarky (trollish) complaints about my recent posts on here at the Roku Community.   Let’s make this very clear.  Everything I have written to date is about my own journey through learning/using/addressing the quirks, problems, and general enjoyment of the Roku products I own.  I do include both the bad and the good experiences for my life balance’s sake.  Along with the seemingly unrelated on the surface products and recipes that I developed to greatly and further enjoy my Streaming content and personal experience together in one time and place to the max.   When I recommend another product or practice that is not so direct to Roku use, it will always be related to my use of my Roku devices in some major, though not so obvious, way.  Keep this in mind the next time some of you laugh at my recipes.  I did the Japanese Curry one yesterday and it came out great!  Hot and hearty.  Right in front of my favourite Roku device, of course.

I am a card carrying aging Baby Boomer-a genuine Techno-Klutz   Always have and perhaps always will be as I was taken kicking and screaming into the 21st century learning how to use these devices as I tend to prefer simple to complex.  Which makes me an immigrant to this new tech world, not a native. I did not grow up with these gadgets like a typical younger person did.  So my advantage is I can adapt and adjust my life to better control these contraptions as I never really can get too far deep in trouble with them.  I lived in the Before World Of Limited Technology.  So I like to keep a very healthy fluid line between me and them as I can still function well without needing them to be around me all the time.  

As much as I like my Roku devices, they also will have to be adjusted (i.e. shifting some former phone funds over to a single chosen subscription app for the Roku line up) to favour their use.  This coming month especially.  My Paramount Plus (formally CBS All Access) subscription is up for annual renewal.    It’s a go for another year as I really like “all Star Trek, all the time” which this service offers by  both quickly growing new and complete classic series and motion picture content. Even a few new unrelated series that I can take a chance with.  The smartphones?  Well, not so much.  

To pay for even this single premium content with my own funds, something has to give.  This is one of the major hidden or misunderstood part of the digital revolution.  Shout it from the mountains and the rooftops if it makes you feel better. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT ALL. Unless you are very wealthy, which most here definitely are not.  You might get this false impression of whipping out your favourite means of payment and get everything you desire with all this media blitz encouraging you on so than you may not be able to manage by going into unanticipated or mentally clouded denial monetary debt. Plus time itself is a commodity that is non refundable and cannot really be exchanged for anything else.   Just remember that we still operate under the same monetary system that always have been in place long before all this new tech was even dreamt of.   Unless you have unlimited funding or give up something else.  If you don’t, forget it Charlie or even worse, something unforeseen might just happen.  

Now  another variable enters the picture.  Robbing you of your attention span, then through that the most precious part of all-time itself.  That is built right in the smartphone revolution and more limited if not careful, the Streaming Revolution.  It has to be.  All those pinging, dinging, ringtones, chimes. screen flashing, vibrating, and notification alerts do distract us for many hours, minutes, and even seconds of our waking lives (sometimes even when we are asleep!).  Plus I needed to divert funding from the smartphones to the<Roku>and other streaming devices as I seem to prefer to using that particular tech over the bit more limiting, ever distracting smartphones. The Roku devices don't follow me around everywhere I go. They are tucked behind the televisions or sitting on a shelf.  And with the purchase and arrival of the Kai OS powered hybrid feature phone, a resulting major drop in the calls/texts & even data costs per month, plus a far better fit for me (not the household), my own personal budget, and my present and projected lifestyle all rolled into one. 

Evolution of my Hybrid feature phone.  It is even outfitted with an extra tough hard caseEvolution of my Hybrid feature phone. It is even outfitted with an extra tough hard caseIt is not as if I discarded the smartphone entirely like many other people chose to do.  No, not quite.  It is still my primary phone used to run the household.  I just shifted or even somewhat demoted it’s own importance down to being no longer my own personal phone.  It even has “Household Business Only” on it’s Lock Screen.  As it should be.  I now prefer my “companion” hybrid secondary/back up one as it does not need to be alerting me all the time over mostly social media endless patter of cotton candy fluffed  nothingness.  I give it’s number out to only a few people or choice businesses which I want to really communicate with.   It is here only for me to fulfill my own needs, not catering to everybody else besides me and it’s never ending daily numerous intrusions and demands on my limited and very valuable time by always demand I glance all the time at it’s screen every time it chirps or chimes (which is a rarity with my own feature hybrid phone).  

As I did with my Roku devices.  One is in my private space or room and set up ONLY for me.  The others are scattered all over the house and others are free to use them as they choose to.  I have an abundance of content 99% of which is NOT paid for directly out of my pocket/bank account.  Hence I can afford them in a monetary financial way as that is not sucked up periodically.  I understand there are so much time in a 24 hour period.   I want to scale down to enjoy the beauty that is around us all and will be missed if I don’t stop gawking at screens mindlessly so much.  Let us hope others will begin (or at least think about or consider) to do the same or similar.

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Roku Guru

Re: Digital Detox Time For All-Including Even Roku-Of My Screens!

Over a month has passed since I started this experiment.  I am generally much calmer and happy in spite of what's going on currently with this “happy accident” of being put through an unasked for digital detox. Even with my mother still in physical rehab and myself almost being killed in a fatal car accident-both occurring in just one month's time period.   Originally the dumb phones were supposed to be a throwaway one after the emergencies passed.  Now I am keeping both the smart and dumb phones for their overlapping strong points pros and weak points  cons.  So here I go:

  • While my own and others here calls and texts sharply spiked in a very short period of time, shifting over to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (in this case, TracFone) did the trick in meeting this unexpected uptick without a resulting equally huge increase in cost.  I was able to not only meet the cost initially when I signed up in January, but topping up a little later brought more than enough minutes, text, even limited data to my little flip phone well into February and beyond to April.  
  • My now grandfathered Limited Commercials annual subscription for Paramount Plus is now fully paid for another year.  I did not have to really go without in order to afford it.  The only thing I had to do is shift the budget’s own allowance from something that serves no real purpose anymore (my own smartphones’ calling/text sole and complete  dependence on up to last month)-and would be wasteful if continued-to sending the cash there over to my Roku and other streaming devices single paywall app.  Something I and others here really enjoy and will continue to enjoy for a year! 
  •  I paid for it directly through my laptop’s Paramount Plus’s website rather than through any streaming device’s own box or stick.  I did not want any questionable  third party convenience to have control over any, especially a paywall, subscription I choose to use.  I prefer to contact the agency directly in case of problems, mostly through their websites or call in/chat options if available.  That is what the third party agencies always direct you anyway.  What do I need them for?
  • Applying what I learned using the Itaki(s) and the more traditional rice cooker(s), I also cut down sharply not only with food costs in spite of it increasing like mad, I eliminated almost all food waste and I really do eat more healthy and tasty meals and snacks even while sitting in front of my Roku happily streaming away.
  • Plus almost eliminating so much of that noise pollution of buzzing, flashing screens, chiming, ringing, chirping, notifications now with both phones.  Just peace and quiet and no more phone caused interruptions of mostly unnecessary attempts at taking my attention away from a wanted task or activity at hand.  Especially when I am streaming with the device of my choice-Roku!

So there you have it.  Exceeding my most wild expectations and wishes.  And increase my time on my Roku doing what I do best.  Watching the really great content when I really want to without all that 21st century interruptions.

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