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Creating function channels (like "TV off") vs. content channels (like "Crackle.")

Is there a procedure for regular users to create a function channel (like the "TV off" channel?)

I'm not a content provider; so, I'm not talking about creating a channel with actual streaming content.  The function I have in mind is something that might be called "resume watching live TV on the xFinity app."  It would be useful for turning the TV on and quickly/easily having the live TV from the xFinity app start playing again.  If I could create such a channel, I could position it at the top, left of my channels.  Then, when I hit the "on" button for my TV, I could simple press the "right arrow" and "ok" to actually be watching TV!  Right now, after the "on" button, I have to press the "right arrow" and "ok" to startup the xFinity app.  Then, once the app has started (about 6 or 10 seconds later,) I press the "down arrow" to get to the last watched selections, and then press "ok" to make that selection actually play.  Building all that into a function channel would be very quick and handy!

Of course, if anyone knows some other/better way to resume watching the last live TV channel in the xFinity app after turning on the TV, that'd be great too!


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