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Channel Lineup suggestion

As a user of ROKU equipment (3 in total) and the sound system, and heavily invested shareholder, I was wondering when would ROKU offer personal channel lineup where the subscriber chooses which channels (Cable or Network) they want to subscribe to and based on the choices, there's a monthly fee. It could be an automated process where the fee automatically shows up as soon as you choose which channels. For example, at most I watch 3 or 4 channels + local channels, and If I could get my favorite 10 channels for $25 or so I would be thrilled to cut the cord!! Roku needs to get a deal done with local channels, network channels, and the cable channels so that they get certain portion (say 50cents per person and ROKU keeps the other 50c, or some kind of ad revenue sharing arrangements). I believe it will be very competitive with traditional cable providers, and also the likes of Sling TV and YouTubeTV etc.

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Re: Channel Lineup suggestion

I think the best thing about Roku and why I chose them after researching all the others years ago was that Roku was basically non-proprietary in nature.  As compared to the other streaming platforms, almost any channel you wanted could be found "at least somewhere" within Roku's apps/channels. They were and remain the most affordable in my opinion.

Whenever cable or satellite is having dispute with a channel or network, the customer gets the raw end by blackouts, channel removed etc.  They may not have a channel for months and it is always during playoffs or a season premiere/finale of a show.  Such disputes have no effect on streamers.  Subscribe(if you choose) directly to the channel.  No middle man. (excepting this spectrum dispute that I have been hearing about)

I think Roku has a pretty sound model.  Just stick to their streaming devices and their own channel programming and their TV affiliation, and stay out of the paid subscription service business, I say.  Remember the days when everyone bundled phone, internet, TV because  100 sounded better than 300.  How long did that 100 last?  Also, and I really can't say because I have yet to have to replace a device because it stopped working (quirks, yes) but with all the complaints and device problems in these forums, maybe just a renewed goal of quality assurance and customer appreciation/support should be Roku's focus.  Luckily, everyone I have nudged toward streaming is really enjoying the Roku.  It can be confusing enough cutting the cord. Alot of it is mindset.

Just my two cents.  I like the simplicity of the system as is. Keeping the streaming devices seperate from the programming, I believe, is the best way to keep it freely developing.  Of course, I'm also a Linux

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