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Appreciation for Roku Channel Simplicity

This is just a post that is appreciating the simplicity of navigating the channels in the 'Live TV' section of the Roku Channel.

My mother-in-law is struggling with dementia and has moved in with us. 

She has started to have difficulty with navigating the different Roku apps and finding something to watch. She would often end up in a menu somewhere and not be able to get back to what she was watching.

She is used to the old days of 'channel surfing', just pressing CH+ and CH- until there is something to watch. This is where the Roku Channel has become a lifesaver. We were able to use the 'Manage Channels' option to curate a list of channels that she is interested in (mostly crime and movies). This is something you used to be able to do with Pluto TV, but not anymore apparently.

Also, navigating the channels is as simple as pressing up and down. We actually purchased an 'EasyMote' which just has VOL+ VOL- CH+ CH- and MUTE, and programmed it with the Roku TV remote so that she can't get lost in menus anymore. Almost every other app requires you to go into menus and use the 'Select' and 'Back' buttons for even basic functionality.

Now whenever she wants to watch TV, we just start up the Roku Channel Live TV, and she can easily find something to watch.

All of this to say... please don't change the way this functions 🙂

Roku Guru

Re: Appreciation for Roku Channel Simplicity

That's funny, because my experience is not that, at all. I cant click through the channels, much less, pause and read what a particular show or movie is about, because it will suddenly flip back to the original channel I was on! And with hundreds of different channels, it's incredibly frustrating. 

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