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Re: Alternative Roku Forum?

And how do you know it is more expensive for Roku?  Corporate software and the corresponding support sometimes has huge incentives to switch making it much cheaper irregardless of the difference of regular advertised price.  I'm not a Roku employee nor have ever been one , but I have been in the technology business for decades at names everyone knows.   I've been involved in some negotiations that resulted in 90% and even 95% off of the advertised price.

TheTick (aka "Moose Twit")
Roku 3 for Pokémon TV / YouTube / Animal Planet GO / HBO MAX. Chromecast for most other media because Roku Mirroring sucks , how many clicks in Wndows 10 (about a dozen) to Miracast on Roku vs 2 with Chromecast.
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Re: Alternative Roku Forum?

Sounds very much like you'd want Reddit.

They use in House software.

You can manipulate its interface to your liking via several ways.

I dont know if there is an #IRC Channel there might be.

This Forum seems fine to me for its purpose.

Its a Company Sponsored support forum

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Re: Alternative Roku Forum?

There is a facebook group for Roku and its very helpful. Search for it!

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