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Roku Guru

A Very Different Roku Thanksgiving

What A difference even a year could make!  I was not planning to write anymore themed topics for Roku’s own forums as I thought I pretty much covered anything I discovered or even cared to talk about these (and other) streaming devices.   

Well I was wrong about how life could change in an instant or over a year.  I would not have believed that I-and everyone else-am living in a greatly modified world that now and even for the first half of the Year Of 2021 practices lockdowns, fear/mistrust of others outside one’s residence, protests, and plain smothering and hot headed raw anger abound.   Right out of the Dark Ages.  Even with the high tech surrounding most of us all.  

But some of the good still exist.  Just not in the way we are accustioned to.  Last year on (in case you missed it)

“A Very Roku Thanksgiving,”

I experienced the spirit of Thanksgiving the way most other Americans & Canadians do.  Surrounded by my most closest people.  And (heh, heh) introducing them to the world of streaming and even practicing a form of crowd control in a somewhat suble way.  This year the house was so empty without them as I practice very strict physical separation from other people until the promised vaccine is offered to the masses.  I felt so isolated-until the calls/texts came in.  Expressing gratitude and even at this late in the game-a year after they all bought and set up their own streaming devices at their own residences!

They all are isolated from others just as much as I.  The little devices and televisions I suggested or even set up are working hard to keep them from climbing the walls with Cabin Fever.  So even a year later, it has been proven to be the idea that keeps on serving/protecting their users/owners.  Not in the way I expected or even liked, but my people are kept out of harm’s way and that is what I want to feel this holiday season.  This is a great comfort to me especially when I experience extreme social isolation during this time of year.  

So Smiley LOLHeartHappy HolidaysSmiley LOLHeart to all and be mindful that your devices (whatever make they are) went way beyond what they are design for.  Keeping all of you safe from that dreaded contagion until it recedes

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Roku Guru

Re: A Very Different Roku Thanksgiving

We started streaming the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon at 8 AM an kept watching all day and all night.  They had some great slogans:

"You're watching the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon.  Helping you socially distance from your family since 1991. "

"You're watching the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon.  The only marathon that won't give you blisters.  Unless you are watching it really really wrong. "

"You're watching the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon.  Don't touch that dial! Kids, did you know that TVs used to have dials, and… you know what? Just look it up."

It helped make it feel like the "good old days". 

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