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4630X power adapter specifications

I have two 4630X but lost power adapters. On eBay the replacement adapter says 12volts but Roku Support says it's 5V 1A.

Can anyone who has a 4630X Premier+ tell me what their power adapter says on it. Greatly appreciated. 

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Re: 4630X power adapter specifications


A fellow Roku user @maxproandu posted this reference guide for the different devices and power requirements.

From the posting, looks like the 4630 Premiere+ requires a 12volt, 1amp power adapter with the barrel connector.

Roku Premiere+ (5th Gen) - 4630 - PW09XB - WA-12M12FU * 12VDC-1.0A / AAW-00 * 12.0VDC-1.0A / FA-1201000SUC * 12VDC-1.0A / FA-1201000SUD * 12VDC-1.0A / MU12AH120100-A * 12.0VDC-1.0A / PA-1120-42RU / 5.5mm x 2.1mm (M)


Here is an example from Amazon.

Most of the newer devices requires 5volt, 1 amp if they have the micro-USB connector for power.

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4630X power adapter specifications