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going to make the switch

Loyal dishnetwork customer of 25yrs. Current equipment of a 722dvr and a 211 with external hard drive.Hooked up to 5 tvs with this system. 2 only get HD while the others are getting analog.Dish bill around $80. To upgrade for every tv to HD would require a "joey" at each tv and the extra charge for each one. Cable is no different $$$$$$. Looked at youtube tv. The only streaming that will get me all my local networks. Decided on using the Roku express and express+ since my tvs are not all that new. So far so good. Youtube tv is giving me all the channels I need especially the locals. I have DVR with this also which was a must. Amazon Prime video works also. Exploring the other channels now that Roku provides. Its going to save me $40 per month so that's great.  I need to get better remotes so I can control the tv/soundbar volume yet. Any recommendations for that? I currently have a Netgear WNR2000. 2.4ghz 802.11 300mps download. Is that a good enough router? Ive had to reset the router a couple times because the wifi locked up. Typically there will be no more than 3 of the express boxes being used at the same time. I will have to test my internet speed yet. I know I'm on the middle package with my provider so room to improve if needed. I have only been testing for 3 days an am very satisfied with the Roku product.
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