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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

This is not something where roku is at fault. People should try to read the documentation for once. It's their fault.

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

Also, as they say in IT - RTFM!

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

@ShaunPC wrote:

Also, as they say in IT - RTFM!

Roku is NOT an IT product like a server or network switch.

It is a global consumer device with many millions of diverse ( including financially ) customers.  Some which may not even have access to a manual in their own language or can read a manual.

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

You are obviously an ignorant person. Scams are frequent using Roku because the Roku systems staff is negligent about protecting its users from scammers. Why does it allow this? [post edited] Moreover, the solution for such faults is usually straightforward.

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

Talking like that will get you banned here. Please be courteous.

The scam happens because the search engines have been manipulated to show the scam site higher than the genuine site when people begin typing the URL into their browser of choice. I've done some testing and Google is terrible about it, while Bing actually lists the genuine site first. Roku can't control the search engines, although I'm certain they've discussed the problem with them. But without a complete overhaul of their new device authentication, there's little they can do. For all we know they are working on something new, but in the meantime they've done everything they can to tell users there are no fees. Some things are just out of their control. 


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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts.

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

Why is Roku seems to be so attractive to scammers?  Simple.  Requiring a credit/debit card numbers at account sign up is the reason why.  

Google does not as it is optional to use their payment (Google Pay) option.  So scammers take full advantage of this in various ways & means.

That's why.

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Re: Why Is Roku More Prone For Scams?

@thetick wrote:

It's not always stupid.  Some people just get a shiny new toy and want to play.  Most people never read instructions anyway before they power on new electronics.

         You as the user ore legally responsible for what you stream on Roku, whether or not you read the instructions. They've met their legal obligations by putting them in the instructions and the legal notice notifying a user what their rights are . Legally this is known as a "hold harmless" provision. And also "assumption of the risk". As a user, you assume all risks that come with owning a Roku device, like it or not. 

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