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What's your first free movie that got stream on Roku?


I just to take a moment to thank you to the Roku team for such an awesome product and the free movie channel was unreal at first but now I'm happy everytime I turn on my Roku. Please add more comedy from Hong Kong.

Anyway, what's your first Roku stream that you first played on the Roku? My was Stuart Little after I got the Roku express plus for my old CRT TV. I love it so much, I got the Roku ultra 4640x after a week. I had to purchase a Hdmi converter to use the ultra for my old TV without a Hdmi input.
The ultra would complete me if it able to read my USB 3.0 external hard drive without the low power warning, but that's ok. I just use my old WDtv live for local videos.
I hope my feedbacks may help improve the future ultra.

Speaking of feedbacks, I like the ultra remote a lot , it fit in my hand comfortablely, but I got sweating palm in the summer and my hand heat up fast and it get watery.
I never had a problem with the Roku express emote because it has those large gap underneath the emote that served as ventilation. To solve the heating palm issue for the ultra, I just dress the remote with a new panty hose lol. It serve as a thin layer of ventilation.

I want to go deeper on how to improve the ultra remote. Ive read about the popular requests on programmable quick button like Netflix and of course removing or placing the search button to some where else. I completely agree them. The search botton should replace the return botton that look like a reverse C. I don't think anyone would use the return botton when most of them are using their smartphone to type their email etc.

If Roku won't allow us to reprogram the advertising bottons, please lower it one roll , away from the next play/stop botton. So those with large fingers won't accidently press it.

And finally, upgrade using higher capacity battery or long lasting battery for our emote, this might help cut down on depleted AA battery from filling the landfill. And like using panty hose to stop sweating palm I'll be using rechargeable battery when the free one get depleted.
Thanks for caring, I mean reading.
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Re: What's your first free movie that got stream on Roku?

Thank you for this awesome feedback!  I'll forward it over to CS and the Social team!

I got started with Roku back in 2010 as a customer, with a buddy of mine who worked here.  He sent me the old Roku XDS.  The first thing I probably watched was Lost on Netflix.  I stopped watching cable TV at that time too.  I remember my apartment management sending me a letter to turn down the volume watching Lost, because I was playing it too loudly :mrgreen:

A year later, I came aboard as the Community Liaison between forum users and Engineering, and I haven't looked back.  My son was two years old at the time, but quickly took to it to follow his favorite movies (many times a day, the exact same movie grrrrr).

I don't stream as much as I used to (I'm usually working and testing stream issues I see on the forums or via social), but my son is 10 now and watches exclusively on the Roku.  It's fun that he knows the platform so well, and if I had to guess by the many times my internet connection has been down, he's one of Roku's biggest fans.  I can't count the number of tears over the years I've had to dry when the internet went out and he couldn't watch his shows. Smiley Sad  He also alerts me sometimes to issues we're having on my beta box, so he's a good beta tester too!
C. Shawn Smith
Community Liaison

The Cosmos is all that is, and all that was, and ever will be. -- Carl Sagan
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Re: What's your first free movie that got stream on Roku?

I had been doing the Netflix 3 DVD's at a time thing for years and I kept seeing that Unlimited Streaming was included with my subscription. The selections were extremely limited though. Maybe 3 or 4 titles that were in my queue so I never really thought about it. Didn't want to watch movies on my laptop anyway.
I can't remember where exactly I learned of a little black box that would play Netflix on my TV. No monthly fees. Had to get that. No brainer. Must have been 10 years ago I bought a Roku HD (2000C). Worked like a champ. There were a lot more selections available to stream by this time. The first thing I wanted to watch was Dexter. But it was expiring from Netflix in about a week!
So my initial experience with Roku was watching 4 seasons of Dexter in 6 days. In the years ahead that would become commonly referred to as binge watching.
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