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Re: How to contact Roku? No Direct method?

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My device (Streaming Stick 4K, purchased on, received 2 day ago) qualifies for agent assisted support.  I followed the steps at the bottom of the page, and after a few self-referential links (circling back to the same page I came from), the troubleshooting steps not being at all related, I sort of expected to at least have an email queue to have a conversation with someone from support. 

I spent nearly an hour searching and found that there are several other threads in this community, where Roku staff remind us that this is a community lead forum -- not necessarily a support forum, and many many people frustrated with that fact.  So, I'm gathering that there isn't an official technical support channel?

roku support options.png

With regards to the orders -- informing a customer that a transaction had taken place, or giving some sort of followup or confirmation that the order has been received is standard practice.  for that communication to come after devices had been received is pretty lame.  I nearly re-ordered the devices when the boxes showed up.

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