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Viewing History

Does Roku compile a history of the "channels" or shows one watches and , if yes, how can it be accessed?  Thx.

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Re: Viewing History

If they are compiling a list of customer channel usage, it's not available publicly. I have no doubt they're doing something internally, but how granular or detailed the information is, I have no idea. It might be nothing more than how many people have a specific channel installed, or it might be as detailed as someone used Netflix from xx to xx time. 

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Re: Viewing History



Not that I'm aware of. I know some of the individual apps/channels, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Epix Now, to name a few, do have a recently watched section or continue watching, or some variation thereof, but I don't believe Roku does this as it is a hardware/streaming platform. It might have something along those lines with regard to the Roku channel app, but I haven't browsed it in a good while so I don't know if they added a watch history feature. I know when I browsed the channel a while back, it didn't have those features and from the best I could tell, most of the content available at the time I could access from other streaming networks that I subscribe to, but that's me. Maybe it's different now as things tend to evolve over time.


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