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Tis The Season For The Roku Flim Flam Scammers To Resurface

Now that Thanksgiving in the US is behind us, it’s now the season to shop until you drop.  That means in more graphic terms that many of us are in the market for a new Roku to grace our homes in the coming year.  Equally so the scammers, grifters, con artists, gold diggers-you know, the usual general predatory population-will crawl out of their hiding places and do their very best to separate any very innocent targeted new Roku owner from their equally very hard earned money. 

That was one of the main topics we discussed during yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast.  My guests were really impressed with my Roku Ultra. Believe me, the questions and comments kept the conversation going through most of the meal.  So that meant that at the conclusion of the feast, I was either invited (or more like pressured) over to their houses to help them choose their model & where they want to purchase it, set up their chosen model, and demonstrate further the features finally answer more questions. 

Just this morning I am glad I agreed to all my guests' requests.  I spotted this article in today’s Cord Cutter’s News:

And I watched a couple of YouTube videos-one of them actually showing the creeps in action!-If the above article wasn’t enough:

Watch Out For The Roku Activation Scam During The Holidays

Scammers Target Roku Owners with Fake Call Center!

What to do?  Simple. Have a trusted party to help you set up your devices if you are not sure of your ability to do it securely.  Before I even bought my devices, I created my Roku account. I did not try to do too many steps at once. After my devices arrived and were linked to the same account I previously set up, I decided to stick to the free channel apps that did not require any information input by me until I felt ready enough that I not only wanted it, but knew that pay channel app CBS All Access was exactly what I wanted and most importantly, the party that I contacted were the actual call center and website, not a scam imitator before I sent money and my personal information to them.   I did not use a search engine (i.e. Googled) to locate and click on the address as many do.  Just mostly for general information on the chosen topic only.

Articles and videos like the above are so helpful and full of tips on how to protect oneself. Well worth your time to read and view.

Happy Holidays And Do Have A Safe Roku Set Up Experience!

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Re: Tis The Season For The Roku Flim Flam Scammers To Resurface


---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Tis The Season For The Roku Flim Flam Scammers To Resurface

Hear hear. I've been responding to many people posting here that have called the scammers. Man, I wish they'd all dry up and blow away. 

For anyone else reading this thread: 

  • if it's a toll-free phone number, it isn't Roku!
  • If they want a payment for support, it isn't Roku!
  • If they want to connect to your computer, IT ISN'T ROKU!
  • RUN AWAY! HANG UP! Do NOT give them any personal or payment information!

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Re: Tis The Season For The Roku Flim Flam Scammers To Resurface

Thank you, atc98092, for elaborating on this topic so nicely.  I hope no one falls victim to these scams,. One must be realistic for there will always be con people thinking up new ways of separating money from their rightful party.  Not just for Roku, but anything that has some value and people wants it.  Vigilance is the best way to protect oneself online or even offline.