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These ‘Hidden’ Netflix Codes Reveal All Sorts Of Secret Movie Genres

Passing along an interesting article from Fresh Toast with some information on Netflix secret codes that I was unaware of before.  --brett

These ‘Hidden’ Netflix Codes Reveal All Sorts Of Secret Movie Genres

So you'll never be bored again.

By: Maria Loreto

Mar 01, 2018

Netflix, like all cool services and fast-food restaurants, has its hacks and secret menus that are revealed only to their most devoted followers. Luckily, several websites have discovered and published all of Netflix’s hidden codes — a myth that’s been circulating the web for a while — organizing them neatly onto lists and making it easy for millions of viewers to find all sorts of genres without having to scroll through endless content.

Normally, if you’re feeling like watching a comedy you’d have to scroll through Netflix’s comedy tab, which shows seemingly random suggestions that .............

Read the full article with links to the codes @
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