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Re: Prospective customers!! Please read for your protection.

@Anonymous wrote:

Sold my Roku and on Amazon firestick with great support if needed. Sold the Roku around the same as I purchased it so lost no money. Do yourselves a favor, get rid!

So sad to see this.  All over lack of real real supply.  This is A reminder of what this forum is really about.  Take heed:

"..........Connect with other Roku users to learn more about streaming, cord-cutting, finding your favorite content, or talk about the latest entertainment.........."

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I have spent the last hour and half looking for some information regarding my issue and a way to contact Roku support. ... no number, no email. Information provided does not address issue experiencing. This is truly the worst tech support, besides Dell, that I have been forced to endure. And, I go away without a resolution. Must be 5 o'clock somewhere. ...

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Addendum. ...  and they forced me to create a username to be able to access/post the information on these boards and they used auto-spell to 'correct' the username I typed in and registered me under some bogus name. What more could go wrong on this site? 

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Why does Roku make it so difficult to contact them directly?

As Danny R. saw fit to close my previous thread with the same topic, and even marked it as "resolved"!!! without first confirming with me, the OP, I thought it fit to create a new thread with the same title.

I repeat the question, as it has NOT been resolved.

It would appear that only by selecting exactly the right answers from a series of drop down lists, will a user actually be able to contact Roku support.

Like an extremely complex puzzle, with no clues.

If you select as single incorrect answer in this process, you are presented with some canned text which is mostly irrelevant.

The aforementioned drop-down lists are also extremely limited, yet Roku seems confident that they have addressed every conceivable issue, question, query a user might have.

That's pretty presumptuous, and obviously incorrect.

So, once again, my question:

Why does Roku make it so difficult to contact them directly?

Possible answers:

1. They're understaffed because of the situation

2. They don't care about their users / potential users

3. They're not very good at doing anything in a practical manner.

Please reply with ONLY "1", "2" or "3" as your answer. No additional text required - much like a drop-down list.

Ian Watson

Level 10

Re: Why does Roku make it so difficult to contact them directly?

@iwatson wrote:

2. They don't care about their users / potential users

As Hector Salamanca (Breaking Bad) would say, "ding, ding, ding, ding, ding..."

The CEO has emphasized simplicity is a big goal. But, what he means is: simplicity for Roku. Low-friction for Roku.

It's like they want it both ways. They don't want to test updates and ensure existing tvs continue to function. The profit model doesn't allow for that overhead. The alternative would be to allow existing customers to use a previous software version that worked for them, and continue to enjoy the tv as they bought it. But, then Roku would have to maintain old versions of software for years (streaming app authors would have to maintain backward compatibility, or old versions of their apps). 

People hear the CEO boasting of simplicity and think of Apple's zen-like elegance. Roku is the alternate universe version of that. We exist for Roku (not vice versa). If Roku's business model is going to cause anyone any problems, it's going to be us (not Roku). That's the kind of simplicity the CEO means. We're just cogs in Roku's simplicity machine.

I would view the lack of customer engagement -- the rubits cube you described having to work at to reach anyone -- is just the same thing.

A large part of Roku's business model is marketing customer viewing habits to demographers ("big data," analytics). And, steering customers to premium (paid for) content, receiving carriage fees and shared advertising revenue. Think about the ox turning around and complaining to the cart driver. That's kind of the "customer" relationship we have with Roku. (Especially in its definition of "simplicity."). You're impressionable. They're not. You need to get back to being steered, and providing demographic data like the goose who laid the golden egg. Complaining is not going to get Roku anywhere. 

Regarding zen, or impressions. The concept of karma exists with zen. And, far from being dumb animals, people are getting an impression about Roku. While Roku's leadership congratulates itself on increased sales (during a pandemic/lockdown), I would suggest that there's that many more customers getting impressions about things like what simplicity means. A wall of karma may be developing as we speak. In business, it's called "the invisible hand." What could have been a windfall of marketshare (due to the pandemic) may turn into a windfall of word of mouth.

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
Level 8

Re: Why does Roku make it so difficult to contact them directly?

Thank you @Visitor45763 for your thorough feedback.

It does indeed provide insight into my original question.

I've read that we must post "positive" comments in this forum - I'm POSITIVE that you're correct Smiley Happy

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Has Support helped ANYONE?

I contacted Support back in December after my Live TV channels stopped going to my recent views (and so I have to step through EVERY intermediary channel). Roku let my query drop, so I opened a ticket through chat, got one follow-up asking for info and a video. Sent both. No follow-up. Finally opened another chat only to be told "we're working on it". No follow-up since.

I've tried using the app, but it doesn't seem real helpful (a manual would be nice). So either I have to reset "Recent Channels" every time I turn my TV back on or step through from, say, channel 2 to channel 28.

From my point of view, Roku support is almost non-existent. Anyone had better luck?

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