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Level 7

Re: complaint

have spent hour hoping to get a link on a new roku weight for down lode several time over and no link.

I don't get how the %#^& stays in business. giving up and going to watch my fire stick.

Level 16

Re: complaint

I was in a horribly tragic accident many years ago.

The Doctors told my family I was brain dead and not expected to survive.

They did an experimental operation and were able to revive but one brain lobe.

Since then I've had Three successive Roku's with few problems I couldnt easily handle

that were few and far between.

I lie everyday with my mouth open and cant control my functions.

But I'm very grateful for my Roku's.

Its a case by case circumstance I suppose.

Roku Ultra ---Ethernet rules---

From now on if people dont upvote me and do as I say I will consider holding my breath and selling my Roku's.
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Level 8

Re: Thanks Roku Going To Firestick

Fire stick offer so much more, I’m also switching.

Level 10

Re: Thanks Roku Going To Firestick

I'm fine with Roku not having a browser. My 2018 LG TV has a browser, but there are times when  that stripped down TV browser cannot load a page. So I bought a Samsung Chromebook 3 laptop, and have that plugged into the TV. Whenever the TV browser doesn't cut it, I go to the Chromebook to browse. I don't need Roku to include a stripped down browser, nor do I want to pay extra for a browser, as I don't need it.

I operate the Chromebook 3 browser with a wireless mouse and keypad from Logitech. The Chromebook 3 sits closed under the TV. I never have to open it.


2018 Ultra 4660
Level 18

Re: Thanks Roku Going To Firestick

First time I was on-line I used webtv, used it for 4 years attached to my tv, it was built-in to my UTV directv dvr. So I got used to using the tv as a monitor, when upgraded to pc it has been attached to tv ever since. Either by vga and now hdmi.