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Level 7

Tell me your version of a Ultimate Free Channel Setup

I was wondering what you think the best channels are to cover it all. I'll give you my small one but I am looking for ideas. Please share your setup/thoughts.


Live TV/Feels like Live TV? PlutoTV, XUMO

Sportscenter? CBS Sports

Interesting? VICE, PBS

Anything close to Netflix quality? Tubi

US News? CBS News, Newsy

International News? Al Jazeera English

Scifi? DUST


Please add and share your thoughts.

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Level 21

Re: Tell me your version of a Ultimate Free Channel Setup

For Interesting, you'd have to include YouTube. While it certainly has its share of garbage, it also has an enormous amount of stuff that can just be fun and/or interesting to watch. And production values on even some home grown channels can be quite good. 

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Level 18

Re: Tell me your version of a Ultimate Free Channel Setup

Yes Youtube has a ton of stuff Vice is covered there.......locast.....Pluto has gotten better and is a must....Tubi......Roku.........PBS......Kanopy.....NatGeo......Filmrise Doc.....there's a few Filmrises.....Daily Documentary....

SBTV (i find interesting at times for weird reasons}......some obscure weird channels I wont divulge.....

....SundanceTV......I like War Documentarys so I have some of those weird channels.....

Plus I subscribe to SlingTV (love the way you can go into channels old on demand stuff).....

.....Somafm for music(indiePoPs)...........

Who needs Cable?

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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