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TV in garage/ no cable needed

My son-in-law gave me a flat screen TV for Father's day for the garage but I didn't want to run a cable wire or rent another cable box so I bought a Roku box which streams from the internet. I can get custom music stations from Pandora, movie and TV shows through Netflix and Amazon, as well as streaming from MSNBC and Fox.
At the bottom of the TV is an iPod that my brother-in-law converted all of my old vinyl albums to (1500 songs) and all of the sounds run through an old Techniques receiver that runs through old but great sounding ADS speakers.
The cabinet is from IKEA (around a $100).
The point is that you can still reuse a lot of older electronic equipment for your garage.
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Re: TV in garage/ no cable needed

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Re: TV in garage/ no cable needed

That's pretty neat... I wouldn't have thought of all that.
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Re: TV in garage/ no cable needed

I managed to get a couple of Chromecast Audio before they discontinued. For $70 I was able to convert an old stereo system to be able to use Whole House audio. My newer AVR in basement has Chromecast built in, plus the Google Home Minis I got for free from various other Google purchases like my Phone and Nest. It's great when you can reuse old equipment. I wish Google would bring back Chromecast Audio to compete with Amazon's new Echo Input
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