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Substitute for Slingbox? Specific use case.

Hi, I currently use 2 Slingboxes, connected to each TV service device. My wife is disabled, so I currently use the Slingbox to stream what she's watching to an iPad Pro in my home office (or anywhere I carry it). She controls the TV for channel, FF and REW, etc. and I get to watch what she's watching.

Back when I used to travel on business, I could watch shows along with her from my hotel room.

One of them required an HDMI-to-component converter, and the other device can use a 2nd Zone Output from my entertainment center tuner.

Does the Roku allow for this type of use?


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Re: Substitute for Slingbox? Specific use case.

I can't think of a way to specifically duplicate that functionality with a Roku. You can screen mirror an iOS device to some Roku devices (only 4K capable devices), but that just moves the image from the Apple device to the TV. You could use an HDMI splitter to send the Roku image to both a TV and some other device, but again that wouldn't leave the image on the iPad. If the content you're watching is from a local computer (ripped DVD/Blu Ray movies or TV shows), you could both watch them at the same time using Plex as your media server. She could watch it on the iPad or with a Roku on the TV screen, and you can watch it remotely with a Roku or a web browser. When I travel I take my Premiere with me, connect to the hotel WiFi, and use Plex to watch my home server media.

For you both to watch something together, you'd both have to start playback at the same time. One user can't control both streams. Plex also does offer some online content, so it's not solely your own media that can be watched. 


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Re: Substitute for Slingbox? Specific use case.

Thank you for great response. Right now the Slingboxes work alright, but since they completely discontinued it's just a matter of time! I've also got a TiVo, which is fine but doesn't do it as a replacement either.

I respect the Roku brand... So someone in Product Management there should be scrambling to add that functionality to their products now that there's a void!

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Re: Substitute for Slingbox? Specific use case.

HDCP (Content Protection for HDMI) should prohibit most use of an HDMI to component converter from working with a Roku.  HDCP is required by premium streaming services to be used on all media streaming players.

If you have a TiVo that supports in-home streaming such as a TiVo Premiere or Roamio, you should be able to use the iOS app for Tivo on the iPad and then use Air Play 2 back to any 4k Roku that supports Air Play 2.

Slingbox became a very niche market.  Because of the popular use of HDCP, I doubt we will ever see another Slingbox like device.

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Re: Substitute for Slingbox? Specific use case.

Yeah most of this now will be software/app based, not hardware based. There have been things Netflix has been trying to do with a 'group watch' or 'group party' feature where everyone watches the same thing at the same time. Things like Teleparty etc also. It's on app radars, but will take a little time to work out. I haven't tested any of it, so not much more help on the matter.

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