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Re: SPAM private messages WTF

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I guess maybe there are two issues, then, when thinking about if data breach is relevant.

With regard to the spam emails,

• my concern would be for those who are not savvy enough to be suspicious enough NOT to follow any embedded links in a spam email. First rule to follow: check on suspicious email by not clicking any links in an email, but follow up by logging into any relevant account to review it for problems.

• It does seem problematic that  spam PMs don't necessarily involve hacked data mining for emails. Since these spam PMS originate within the community membership. I don't know how that can be mitigated other than suspending accounts held by spammers.

Regarding the possibility of breaches, per se, I would advise anyone to use a layer of security such as paypal for any payment methods registered with a member account. That way, I think, personal credit card data  would not be vulnerable.

By the way, I don't actually remember formally registering a "payment" method" that exists in my Roku account, I think what is there is only based upon the payment method I used when I purchased the device. hmm

Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: SPAM private messages WTF

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts regarding the issue you are experiencing regarding spam in the Community.

Please be aware that we are looking into the issue and always doing our best to make sure our users have the best experiencing while in the Community.

We will be closing this thread out.



Danny R.
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