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Level 7

Roku Support Not Responding

I contacted support 3 weeks ago regarding my brand new Roku Stream Stick+ that wasn't working.  I have sent them several emails with troubleshooting that I have done regarding my remote not connecting to my Roku Stick+.  Through my troubleshooting I found it wasn't the remote but the Stick+ itself.  I would like to get it replaced but I cannot get any response from Roku Support regarding my ticket.  Anyone else having issues with support responding or have any suggestions on how to get a reply/update?  This has been very frustrating to say the least - I purchased a product that doesn't work and can't get support.  Thanks. 

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Level 8

Re: Roku Support Not Responding

Why bother doing it through Roku? Send it back to the retailer for a refund or replacement.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku Support Not Responding

Hi @Aubman04,


We appreciate the contact.


A member of our Support team followed up via email recently. Please check your email from our Support team, they will be assisting you from there. 




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