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Roku Just Saved My Ass By Allowing Their Impostors’ Scam Discussions Right Here

I just got off the phone.  It seems that I was being groomed & set up for a scam just by attempting to pay my house’s annual insurance policy online this year for the first time.  Due to both the current situations.  I usually pay by Postal Money Orders for the really important sensitive stuff and go to the place of business in person to pay it.  I still generally prefer to limit sending or transferring money online as much as possible.

This scam is very similar to the traditional “Posing As Roku” scams.    In my case, I was not able to locate the link on the website to the online pay option.  So I googled the company to see if I could access another way.  Oh yes, there was a website that appeared to be the 50+ year old company’s own in the listing (doesn’t that sound familiar?).  But because of how the Roku scams were/are still done on the unsuspecting, I decided to call the insurance company printed directly on the snail mailed invoice bill.  

In just a few minutes, I found out I was on a bogus website.  I then chose to snail mail a money order just like my family has been doing for almost 50 years.  

HeartHeartHeartSo Roku & everyone here.  Thank you again for being so open about this rampant problem.   Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOLYou just saved me $$$$ yet again in a totally unexpected way.Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOL  I almost lost 250 dollars that I was carefully been saving for months!HeartHeartHeart


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Re: Roku Just Saved My Ass By Allowing Their Impostors’ Scam Discussions Right Here

I'm far from the only one that has been saved.  Keep up the good work being done here!......

@overagain46 wrote:

"......thank you for all the information because Roku let me know that they did not charge for an upgrade to get my tv reset...and I didnt think they charge for connection but this person was very demanding so I will notify my bank and will go back and change my personal info because they put in a different email and gave me a whole nother email and messed up my internet service and spectrum was the one who picked up on it...thank you again for the info......."

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