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Re: Roku Has Long Moved On From All Of You

Good luck calling those numbers and getting anything useful.  Not possible.  Meanwhile the company is worth over a billion dollars.  That’s right BILLION.   Would take only 10% of that at best to resolve these massive issues everyone has.   Well now it’s worth 1.947 billion as the stock popped another 9.47% today so the board of chairman’s is fat and happy.  Meanwhile many folks are shoving batteries in their remotes daily and rest of us are now using a Media Player that is broken. 

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Re: Roku Has Long Moved On From All Of You

@matrevino72 wrote:

Well seems like you wasted your time either way ranting or not, As anyone can plainly see this is not a "support forum" its a community forum meaning it for the community to communicate amongst one another to try and help with problems an solutions that other people have run into and figured out, if you just happen to get a "Roku employee" to answer a question, its probably because they were bored and wanted to waste some time, they are not obligated to "support" a community forum.

Did I argue otherwise?  Can you point out where I did?

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Re: Roku Has Long Moved On From All Of You

I don't think the complaint is about the growth and more about the lack of customer service. I have been trying to find an answer to a problem and have yet to find anyone who can help me. Roku's customer service is non-existent. I was directed to articles and the community to answer my question.

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