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Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

Jmo and I've been dealing with roku for almost 10 years now, it's the lack of support for the development side, the documentation is vague, the tutorials are limited to just roku employees and simple questions go unanswered for months (sometimes years) and that creates a problem for the public because companies expect the developers to have all the answers or be able to figure it out 

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Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

About half a year ago I purchased a Roku Premier as a replacement for an old Apple TV. I love everything about it, but AirPlay volume controls haven't been implemented correctly and Roku refuses to acknowledge that there's a problem or take responsibility - their "support agents" have now locked the post after demonstrating that they couldn't even be bothered to read the problem properly.

I'm so disappointed with the pathetic customer service, I was hunting for an email or a telephone number but I understand from others on this thread that that wouldn't help me anyway. Thank you, Roku, for making your attitude and intentions clear. You may have grabbed my money this one time, but I won't be caught out again. I would be ashamed to work for a company that treats its customers like this.

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No Time To Trash & Bash Roku:. Look Beneath The Obvious

I really think people who trash and bash Roku in haste should reconsider.  ROKU HAS NOT FORSAKEN AND FORGOTTEN IT'S USERS.  Far from it.  Neither have the company moved on in the way that people are envisioning or outright accusing. 

Roku is really on the warpath to attract more people using their products.  Even with the lopsided cracked supply chain of late.  Or the ever present Pandemic upsetting the applecart even more.  See for yourselves and try to communicate more positively-especially in troubling times like this. 

Roku DOES deliver-just it might not be exactly the way you want it.

I am most certainly about to deliver another End Of The Year Holiday article to update not 1, but 2 topics I wrote a couple of years ago.  Times have changed and this change needs something Positive to help us cope during these  troubled and shaky times.

Watch for it to appear here!

Reading List

"Roku Sets Biggest Ever Brand Campaign for Holiday Season – Adweek"


Later Edit

One More Article Of Special Interest For Roku Users:


The new Roku Streaming Stick 4k gives you Roku's service agnostic platform with thousands of apps — and now, 4k viewing. The Streaming Stick 4k is approximately as long as a credit card and slightly wider than the HDMI it plugs into, with a USB power cord that doubles as a WiFi antenna. The included remote lets you fly through Roku's excellent, fast interface, while the free app allows for similar functionality

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Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

Really not interested in taking any advice from somebody named boogernose.  Pass. lol ................................................................................................................................................................................

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Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

They flat out suck! Horrible support or lack of. They bully others on their platform but are forgetting what got them where they are, the customers. 

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