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Past Roku players (no longer in my possession) linked to an e-mail I cannot get access to...

I have several (I think 3) Roku players that I've owned and have given to family members or friends. I think one of them was even sold at a fundraiser yard sale, over a year ago. I didn't even think about needing to reset these devices to manufacturer settings before releasing them out of my possession. For the past 2 years (or more) I have been having major issues with emails and accounts that are mine and not being able to access them and spending most of my time (frustrated and exhausted) trying to make sure my accounts are secure. Some of the e-mails I can no longer access, of which I have some of my personal accounts set up under, I believe they were still in the old Roku devices. Since I no longer have these devices in my physical possession and have no way of tracking them down, how do I go about removing my personal identifiable information from being linked to the old devices?

Any help at all would be sooooo appreciated. Like I've mentioned, I've been dealing with this for over 2 years. 

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Re: Past Roku players (no longer in my possession) linked to an e-mail I cannot get access to...


Thanks for the inquiry.

You would need to log into your Roku account online at and scroll down to My linked devices. If you no longer have access to the device you should Unlink the device. You would need to do this for each of your devices and for each of your accounts if you have different Roku accounts.

For more information, visit our Support page here: How do I remove a Roku® streaming device from my Roku account?


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