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Re: Over the Air TV

We watch most stuff OTA, but we got really spoiled having a DVR because we rarely watch anything in real time. So we got a Tablo. Hook antenna to Tablo. Connect Tablo to network. Install Tablo app on Roku. Done. We can watch real time or Tablo can record up to 4 different channels. There is a one-time guide subscription fee if you want to get it, but it isn't required. It just gives you a guide for several days ahead.

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Re: Over the Air TV

There's really no need for a Roku player to have an OTA tuner. Virtually everyone hooks their Roku up to a TV, which has an OTA tuner within it already. Since you can't record with a Roku, there's zero benefit for having two tuners. 

For the very, very few people that might connect a Roku to a monitor, which has no OTA tuner, the the HDHomeRun or Tablo are the best solutions, especially since they can feed more than one Roku at a time over the network.

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