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Opinion- Major Roku Flaw - Bitrate adjustment cannot be saved

As a gamer and binger the bitrate adjustment is very nifty(changing 12mb/s to 1mb/s is plenty--better than auto 12mb/s hog, however, it lacks one critical function. There is no way to save this if your roku is unpluged or the power goes out. If you go around the house to to change 4 roku devices manually with bitrate will work..but only until the power goes out or the very common roku freeze where you have to unplug and plug roku back in (bye bye settings--back to 12/mbs). Everything else saves. Idk why this menu can't be saved. No CMOS battery? lol. Geez what a annoying flaw in my eyes.

please make a model of roku that can save this vital feature

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Re: Opinion- Major Roku Flaw - Bitrate adjustment cannot be saved

I think you're talking about one of the hidden screens. (?)  If so, those were never considered to be supported for and-users at all, but were only meant for doing testing.  Many well-known video channels pay no attention to that setting.

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