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Open Letter To Roku-Use PM To Contact Me!

I was woken up at around 5 in the morning with a text allegedly from this Roku forum stating I did something wrong or offensive by 3 accusers that hide behind initials or anonymous shield avatars.  The weird thing is this is my private and personal/business number .  I NEVER give this number out to just anybody-especially forums.  And Roku seems not to ask for phone numbers when opening up an account either-just a email address. 

So if it is Roku, don't send anymore automated texts out to me.  PM me if you have any problems with me or my content.  If any of you don't like what I post-simply disregard it.  I sure do especially trollish behavior.  Right now I am in the middle of burying 2 beings very close to me.  I have to keep my phone on 24/7 in case of anything new transpires within my family.  I am not in the greatest mood or have much patience for such stupid shenanigans as this is.  I always prefer to post positive and informative content as the one I did earlier this morning: 

Struggling To Cut The Cord? Don't Overthink It

I was meaning to post this article a couple of days ago and got caught up with some real bad news for me to deal with. 

I planning not to post again for a rather long period of time as I am in shock right now. and have other more pressing things to attend to.  

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Re: Open Letter To Roku-Use PM To Contact Me!

Oh, and whoever done these things has been forever blocked and reported as SPAM.  

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Re: Open Letter To Roku-Use PM To Contact Me!

I'm sorry for your losses.

That's odd to get texts from here if you didn't give anyone the number.  It was an actual SMS text?  I see no phone number in my profile, but I do see the setting Notification settings->Turn off all mobile notifications, which I have checked.  You might see if it is checked on yours. 

I have no idea how that works but it sounds like if ever use this forum on your phone and have that set incorrectly, you may be getting some bleeps.

On another front, I just set up an Android phone for my Mom, and one of the first things I did was to have it enter "Do not disturb" mode each night which blocks all noises except from starred contacts (currently only me) and people who call twice within a short time (you can adjust these settings too.)  It's worth a thought.  You can still review any other contacts as soon as you wake up – they just don't make noises.