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Level 16

Re: New forums?

This layout is a bit confusing. I didn't realize those square links were to separate forums that then look normal. Before, there was mainly just one forum for users, and one for developers. Now I have to open every one to see if there are new ones in it, or try to figure out the summary page.

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Level 16

Re: New forums?

Generally figured this out. I am treating this similar to the Comcast/Xfinity forums, which are the same Lithium layout. I went to each forum and used the Bookmark option from the 3-dot menu. I then saved a browser bookmark at:

I'll see how well this works. Probably have to use it twice until the 'Remember me' for login actually works across browser closing/opening.

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Level 12

Re: New forums?

[Content edited per Roku Community Guidelines

Anyway I mean to type I dislike the new forums.  They are much more difficult to navigate but do look more pleasant/modern to the eyes.  That is the price we all pay with "improvements".

Personally I prefer Roku spend their valuable time and money implementing automatic re-authentication then beautifying/modernizing the Community Forums.  

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Level 9

Re: New forums?

Quite simply, I really loathe this move toward "social media" layout for forums, which are meant for communication.  Shocking, I know.  But this way, you can't see other replies upthread, can't quote them, can't do bupkus.


Absolutely horrible. Meant to discourage communication, not encourage it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  That's one of the "benefits" that other social media "forum" providers, like GetSatisfaction, tout as a benefit--that it reduces discussion.  Greeeeaaaaat.  So happy to see another forum go the way of the Dodo.  I give it 6 months before this place is a wasteland and Roku gets to enjoy NOT having to provide any support here.


Level 19

Re: New forums?

Thanks for sharing the notes.

A few helpful tips to share here.

1. You can show your support for any topic, reply, etc. by adding a kudo for that item. Click the thumbs up icon in the bottom left corner of any topic or reply. 

2. Users have the ability to change the way that topics display on the page in their user profile settings. If you prefer to see a threaded view, click your user avatar in the upper righthand corner, and select 'My Settings'. Go to Preferences>Linear layout>Linear Format: Sorting order within topics and select 'Threaded'. 

3. You can quote any comment/reply, by clicking the 'Reply' button for that specific topic, and then using the 'Quote' button displayed above the text entry box of the text editor on the right. 

If you need any additional help becoming familiar with how to use the Community, please check out our Welcome to the Roku Community board, or see additional help content by clicking the 'Help' link to the right of your user avatar when signed into the Community. 




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Level 10

Re: New forums?

Private Messages don't seem to have any option to see the whole thread, which in my opinion is awful and broken. I have to click back and forth between the inbox and the sent box (or have two browser windows open), and click into EACH MESSAGE one at a time to review the history of the conversation. That's untenable.