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Level 18

Re: New board format

That is screwy just reply to the original post I guess.

 Then again it all seems to reply to the thread in the end.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 10

Re: New board format

Yeah, i'm replying to your comment and it looks like it's still going to say Re: New Board Format, so apparently it doesn't matter, you can just hit any reply button in the thread.

Level 9

Re: New board format

ATC, you seem to be denying that other developers who use different up-to-date, stock browsers are in fact getting logged out of the site after 10 minutes or so of "no activity".  There's nothing wrong with our browsers.  Roku has been doing this to me since I joined the platform.  You can't walk to the fridge to get a soda for too long without coming back to find you're no longer logged in.  Luckily for me the login fields are auto-populated so I just click the two checkboxes and log back in.  Only now it never goes back to the developer page.  I have to go to the bottom of the screen and look for "Developer Site", click on it, then that doesn't do it... gotta click on "Dashboard" to get back to where I was.  You seem to be very lucky that this isn't happening to you.  So instead of blaming our browsers, tell us your secret.



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