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Need advice - Someone accessed my network

Someone started turning my roku TV off and on until and then getting into my Netflix acct that was hooked up there. They started spelling words into my Netflix search and were saying they can hear me. So I asked them my name, thinking it was a Scam. Well they spelled my name, incorrectly but close enough. They also threatened to take my son. I asked "out loud" why they said that and they spelled out they were a killer. I disconnected my WiFi. Then they started turning my other roku TV off and on and was trying to connect to other WiFi signals. How is this even possible?

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

If your wifi network can be reached from outside your home, anyone with the Roku app can connect to your Rokus thru your network if they are able to log into your network.

Change the password on your wifi router to something nobody that knows you could guess, then reconnect your remote devices using your new password.

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

Holy **bleep**! That is terrifying. Yeah, it sounds like someone hacked into your wifi. Maybe someone you know, like an ex-friend or neighbor you're on bad terms with now.

Not sure how they could 'hear' you unless you have an Echo or other smart home device that is always listening.

Change ALL the passwords!

Yikes! That's so creepypasta!

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

Just like in the movies!!! This is no bueno.

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

I was woken up at around 5 in the morning with a text allegedly from this Roku forum stating I did something wrong or offensive by 3 accusers that hide behind initials or anonymous shield avatars.  The weird thing is this is my private and personal/business number .  I NEVER give this number out to just anybody-especially forums.  And Roku seems not to ask for phone numbers when opening up an account either-just a email address. 

So if it is Roku, don't send anymore automated texts out to me.  PM me if you have any problems with me or my content.  If any of you don't like what I post-simply disregard it.  I sure do especially trollish behavior.  Right now I am in the middle of burying 2 beings very close to me.  I have to keep my phone on 24/7 in case of anything new transpires within my family.  I am not in the greatest mood or have much patience for such stupid shenanigans as this is.  I always prefer to post positive and informartive content as the one I did this morning.  I won't again for a long period of time as I am in shock right now. and have other more pressing things to attend to.  

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

Brute force tools can crack a passphrase in mere hours. Make sure you use a long passphrase for both the WiFi and router. Use a password generator [if you are using WPA/WPA2, use the 160bit option] and a minimum of 20 upper/lower/symbols/random characters. Change that passphrase periodically. Use MAC filtering.

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Re: Need advice - Someone accessed my network

It's a good idea to change your password on your Roku account. If you don't do a hard reset, before you sell or give away an older Roku it is still likely linked to your account. So log into your Roku account and scroll down to where it says My Linked devices and unlink any old Roku you may no longer own.

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