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Level 11

Just received an email Roku is updating their forum soon

In the coming week, we are transitioning our Roku Forums to the new Roku 
Community. The Community will feature an updated visual design, new 
features and enhanced functionality to improve the support experience for 
our customers. It also includes some changes to the overall structure and 
available content. You will be able to access the Roku Community using your 
existing Roku User Account, without requiring new account registration. 

Please make sure your Roku Forums account email address matches the one 
used on your Roku User Account. To view your current Roku User Account 
email address, visit Settings>System>About on any of your Roku devices. To 
update your Roku Forums account email address, log into your account at[/url:26ro0t99] 

For detailed instructions, visit[/url:26ro0t99] 

That's exciting stuff can't wait!  Smiley Very Happy
Roku is my favorite streamer, has my favorite Roku channels
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Re: Just received an email Roku is updating their forum soon

They announced this a couple of months ago. Sounds like they're about ready to deploy, so want to ensure everyone has their access set up correctly. 
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