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Imagine if Roku Built Their Own Channel Like YouTube?

Many Roku users would love to share their content on the Roku platform. But the technical hoops one needs to jump through when creating a Roku channel turns many away. Wouldn't it be nice if Roku built a channel much like YouTube? A place that made it easy for users to upload their videos without needing to go to the trouble of building their own Roku channel. It could even be included as a sub-channel of The Roku Channel. This would make it so much easier for Roku owners to get their user-generated content up on their platform. Roku has the talent, servers, and knowledge to make it happen. Not sure if doing this is worth their time but it would sure be nice for end-users to have a simple way to upload their video content directly to Roku.

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Re: Imagine if Roku Built Their Own Channel Like YouTube?

This seems like it was asked almost verbatim a couple of weeks ago. And my answer is the same.

Why on earth would Roku want to do that? YouTube and Vimeo already exist for that exact purpose, as well as some smaller sites. The cost would be huge to have the server capacity for storing the media. And they really couldn't offer anything that YouTube doesn't already.

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