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Level 7

I’m not a robot.

I’m not a robot. It is a very offensive question to ask customers. And once you start to answer it, it keep asking and never stop til half hour later. When you fed up with it. You come back and still the same. It’s very unprofessionalism. Please stop that idiotic now.

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Level 20

Re: I’m not a robot.

This is your first day, since last September when the forum software changed I have had sign in 1010 times. If you leave your browser and go to your desktop on your computer you will have to sign in, after 4 or 5 hours you will be signed out and have to sign back in. When I was using microsoft Internet Explorer I had to enter my email and password along with telling them I'm not robot each time I was signed out. Once I got window 10 and switched to Chrome it now remembers my credentials so don't have to enter each time. Just click have to click on the box to remember me, and prove I'm not a robot, and enter. 

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Level 21

Re: I’m not a robot.

If you ever experienced the old version of this forum, you would understand why they have the check for being a bot when you log in. Trust me, it's worth the few seconds to check the box and validate. And as @Tivoburkee mentioned, if you let your browser save your credentials it only takes seconds to log in.

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Level 18

Re: I’m not a robot.

I rarely sign out. Theres no reason to if you'll be back soon.

There are cookies if you use the same browser.

The Robot thing is necessary because there are Bots trolling around that post spam.

I just never log out really, why bother.

(the truth is, the I am not a robot pics are too much for my brain to handle and I fail miserably every time)

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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