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Help Switching from Tivo/Comcast to Roku

Finally decided to get rid of Tivo/Comcast megabundle and wondering whether Roku can help.  Could use feedback on how to do this.  We have Comcast triple play with the HD Premier XF most expensive bundle.  I still need the triple play for phone and internet access but can buy the base level triple play bundle.  Ability to record on DVR from all sources is key to making this move.  What DVR services are totally open to record from all sources? Is Slingbox + Roku a better DVR option than using Roku plus DVR cloud service?

Does a combination of entry level comcast triple play, Roku player and DVR service/device seem like a workable alternative to Tivo/Comcast megapackage?

All comments welcome.

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Re: Help Switching from Tivo/Comcast to Roku

You need to speak with @Tivoburkee 

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