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Counter Productive Choices; are you sure you really do understand how streaming actually works?

Are you sure you really understand how Streaming (and even Roku) really works?  I mean the choice on using a stand alone app or signing up through a third party service (like Roku's one).  I think much of the bashing and griping one sees here and the online places all across the virtual world basically has it's beginning right here:.  

™.......As far as content offerings go, there’s no difference between signing up for Paramount+ via the Roku Channel or downloading the streamer’s standalone app on your streaming device. The price tiers for Paramount+ are also identical on the Roku Channel, which is $4.99 per month for the ad-supported version, and $9.99 per month for the ad-free version. However, there is a free seven-day trial for Paramount+ on the Roku Channel....."


So there it is.  My own Paramount Plus subscription is handled by stand alone apps running across the various devices I use to access content.  The Roku Channel is only on my Roku made devices and laptops.  All apples OR oranges here.  I choose not to mix and match.  Problems?  I contact Paramount Plus' own call center directly  myself.  Not waste time trying to change Roku in some way and/or to revive their own Call Center.  Not going to happen.  Not a money maker-actually a real financial drain-for them.

Holding one's breath only kills yourself, not spurring a large corporation to even take notice of individuals specific or as a group.

Roku does not offer that option anymore except mostly through rather self limiting options like emails.  Hence all these complaints and gripes growing in numbers.  So unnecessary.

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Re: Counter Productive Choices; are you sure you really do understand how streaming actually works?

Those of you who are waiting for anything beyond the inexpensive priced products or the actual OS from Roku will be sure to be vastly disappointed to having your debit/credit card being deducted all the time.  I prefer to and stress much to keep a nice rather wide distance between my charge cards and my apps.  I keep as much control over my purse strings especially now with all this instability of hyperinflation to economic slowdowns.

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