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Can I opt out of Roku selling my phone number to third parties?

I started using Roku in 2020.  Six months after I began streaming content I received unwanted SPAM calls & text messages.  I remember it well.  The day after Thanksgiving I received more than a dozen calls.  I still receive "junk" calls and texts.

I want to know if a way exists for users of Roku services to opt out of third party contacts, namely phone calls and text messages.  Emails are not a problem, for an obvious reason.

I doubt if my name and personal information would be removed from lists which are sold to advertisers.  I am trying to get a definitive & accurate answer to my question.



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Re: Can I opt out of Roku selling my phone number to third parties?

I do not know if my chosen solution will work for you.  In my case, I decided to "demote" my smartphone to just limited internet duty only and turn it off most of the time.  I just bought an old fashioned feature basic phone just for calls, some texting, and very little or no Internet use. 

It has been just a couple of weeks.  I pretty much much eliminate all those notification chimes, unwanted emails, etc. that's considered just "business as usual" in our ultra high-tech always on 24/7 society.  Originally, it was supposed to be a temporary downtime measure as I help my mother back to good health.  Now it will be far more permanent.  Very limit smartphone and integrating/using the self limiting more dumber feature phone most of the time.  

My way of getting rid of those type of unwanted calls, texts and emails.  Yay!

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Re: Can I opt out of Roku selling my phone number to third parties?

How does Roku know your phone number?

I looked at my Roku account and I can't even see a place where I could give them my phone number. 

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Re: Can I opt out of Roku selling my phone number to third parties?

Many people assume that someone or some company gave their number to marketing companies or scammers. In many (most?) cases the numbers are generated by a computer.

In the USA, all area codes are public, as are all local exchanges. (999-555-xxxx). So a computer will call all numbers in a given area code and exchange from 0000 to 9999. All you have to do is answer the call once, and your number is then known as a live line. Then it propagates.

When you receive a marketing or scam call, often they are not looking for you personally, just a live body at the other end of the line.

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Re: Can I opt out of Roku selling my phone number to third parties?

I've been using Roku devices for almost 10 years. I've never been contacted via phone or email by any 3rd parties that might indicate they got my info from Roku. As mentioned, I don't think Roku even has my home phone number. I just looked at my account information, and they don't even have my name, only my email address used for the account. 


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