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Best Premium Channels

I know there are many YouTube posts on this subject. But I wonder what so many users think about this. Things have changed in the last few years and streaming channels have come a long way. I'm thinking of upgrading from Sling to Hulu Live. Any opinions????

PS  Im not thrilled Hulu Live doesnt have BBC America.

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Re: Best Premium Channels

If BBC programming is a key item for you, then I have some bad news.  It seems only logical that BBC America would be the one to provide the USA with streaming access.  In the UK they already have the BBC iPlayer streaming service so I was hoping it would be only a matter of time for BBC America iPlayer to become available.

It turns out that even BBC America can't retain streaming rights to key BBC programming as explained in this article:

So, even if Hulu Live wanted to include BBC America in it's streaming, it might be exclusivity contracts with HBO/AT&T keeps them out of doing so in an meaningful way.

As to if HBO Max will be worth subscribe for, that remains to be seen.  I believe Richard Plepler had a better understand of what people want and his leaving may have a huge negative impact for the company.  AT&T seems to still be benefiting from content on HBO Go/Now based on the work Richard Plepler made happen.  Also the rate at which DirecTV Now is hemorrhaging subscribes does not look good for AT&T delivering a premium cost HBO Max that is seen as having enough value to users.

There has been a number of articles that compare live tv streaming services such as:

I personally can't recommend Hulu as my personal experience was that their support is beyond completely incompetent and awful.  Instead of being able to view videos from the office with the service, I would get an error from Hulu that they detected "an anonymous proxy too."  They requested I visit the website whatismyipaddress to confirm I wasn't using a proxy.  Even after I provided them details showing was not using a proxy, they continued to advice me to stop using a proxy or tor (which was also indicated as not being used).  Other USA only region block services recognized me as coming from an USA location, it was only Hulu that had my network range on a blacklist.  It was also suggested that I contact my ISP to "make their network Hulu compatible" despite that BGP routing has no such designation and the Internet Engineering Task Force has no protocol for Hulu compatibility.  They also couldn't give any other details as to what exactly they were demanding be modified.  Another common method of their support was to just let the support ticket sit untouched for weeks and then indicate they changed nothing but the doing nothing to remove the blacklisting fixed it to give them an "ALL SET" reply.  One of these poke for if Hulu providing no help had cause the resolution had even come from a supervisor.  Of course, still doing nothing to remove the blacklist on their side did not fix the issue.  After over 3 months, they eventually did whitelist my IP but their hatred of serving me as a customer had become to clear at that point.

The streaming service that look like might have the most bang per buck right now seem to be either YouTube TV and Playstation Vue.  Both of these are available in the Roku Channel Store.  But there may be other factors I didn't take into account that matter more for you.  So I still recommend reading articles which compare each of the options and then possibly sign up for the free trail period for one to see how it fits your needs.

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Re: Best Premium Channels

ThanX for your reply the streamable link is something Ill be checking out thoroughly tomorrow. Sling just lost Fox at least temporarily and its sub channels which set me off. Of course its easy to spend tons of money and get the supposed best. I dunno what to do the whole thing drives me nuts. I dont like giving my credit info up for supposed trials. I dont think Ill have the same problems with Hulu you did as I have a dedicated connection at home and not much of a LAN. Dont know what to do.........

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Best Premium Channels

It completely depends on your needs.  We use Philo for $16/mo ($20/mo with more channels for new subscribers), Hulu (original) for $5.99/mo, Netflix for $12.99/mo, and Prime Video (included with a $59/year Student Prime account).  We get all local OTA channels plus others (40 channels) for $14.99/mo via the local independent cable company.  BBC America is included with Philo.

So, our monthly streaming cost is:

$16.00 Philo

$5.99 Hulu (Original)

$12.99 Netflix

$0 Prime Video (Included W/ $59/Yr Student Prime)

$14.99 Local Channels (+) Local Cable Co



The problem with the above for some people would be that the only sports available is OTA.

But it includes BBC America!

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Re: Best Premium Channels

Philo has 58 Channels including BBCAmerica for $20/month.

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Re: Best Premium Channels


Yeah I did the trial with Philo and theyre not bad at all. But Ive had Sling for a couple of years and for a little more they had most of Philo's covered. But Philo aint bad for 20 bucks.


I recently discovered  which works in my area. So in combination with Sling I'm kinda happy.

Plus Pluto and Tubi tv not to mention all the **bleep** I have on my hard drives.

I might go for Hulu plus Live tv in the future for 40 something bucks dunno..

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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