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An Open Letter To Roku: My Own Huge Change Of Heart

Dear Roku Staff. Supporters, Past, Present, & Future Users,

I decided to compose another open letter (after my first one  a while ago)  since I read this article online listed far below in case you want to expand your mind:  

For me, it was like I woke up to another reality.  One where I had to be reminded that the purchaser/user is not the only variable in the success and continuation of the Roku Corporation.  There are additional layers and truths to what we see and experience on each of our devices, no matter when the device(s) were purchased originally.  

I will still miss my already subscribed annually Peacock and HBO Max Apps (even though I chose not to subscribe to that particular app).  Though now I understand why I will not see them offered on Roku devices probably for a long time.  

Most of us are not aware Roku changed direction.  Most likely this change occurred in a mid to late last year time frame.  They went from a user orientated to a service orientated business.  That simply means that it’s no longer a question of just pleasing the users.  It’s gotten far more complicated than that.  It’s maintaining a strong front of taking care of business first probably because of the growing onslaught of other platforms' emerging offerings or just plain emerging.  Like the owners, stockholders, and pushing/selling much more advertising than they did previously.  In a growing  world of streaming options available to a very eager growing cable liberating  population (i.e. becoming international) well, it would be corporate suicide to go any other way.  

All of us watch our Roku devices at home or some other small space.  So sometimes (or many times), most of us lose track of the bigger picture enclosed in these isolated areas.  So I decided to let up, back off, and step back to gain some perspective.  I decided to grant Roku some time to open their gates a bit and allow these apps in.  

I think the remaining working life of my newly purchased within the past 2 years-1 Ultra and 2 Streaming Stick Plus(es)-is a fair amount of time.  I already got my money back with these devices.  So I don’t feel cheated in that respect.  I did feel a bit cheated (like most everyone else here)  when Peacock was not offered when it debuted.  I actually stop feeling this way after reading the article below and others much like it across the Internet.  

I am becoming more fluid and adaptable just like the big guys.  I reminded myself to always have a back up plan or 2  in case something does not go the way I want it to.  Which is what is really happening right now.  Let’s stop all the whining and finger pointing now.  Corporations move at a snail’s pace when prodded too much.  And at other times, they just ignore you and hope you go away and just disappear.  Neither way will benefit the individual you, the user.  Or the other users rapidly spreading spread across the world now.

Just sit back, relax with the number of apps still offered on any Roku device and enjoy the ride.  Make my special "Secret" Spaghetti Recipe.  Let Roku come to its own senses and hopefully allow these apps on their devices soon.  That is, until EACH OF YOU are ready to put into practice your own Plans Bs ad Cs  and take care of yourselves with your families and friends for once.  Do this when things don’t go the way YOU want them to after a reasonable amount of time passes (i.e. today is August 13 and no Peacock in sight as I write this-Peacock debuted July 15-I decided to wait some more & see what happens).  Change yourself.  Know yourself as a beautiful living creature whose strong and wise ancestors adapted successfully for eons, not just a couple of decades , Let the corporations be who they really are.  

As you now begin to know them far better and freely adapt.

Best Wishes On All Of Your New Journeys Into The Multiplying Streaming Worlds,

Iona D.

Reading Suggestion:

Roku Stock Looks Attractive Here, but Mind the Key Risk. 

by Vince Martin-published Feb. 28, 2020

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Re: An Open Letter To Roku: My Own Huge Change Of Heart

Well said, I'm sure many feel as you do.

I did want to offer up one correction: Roku changed course on September 28, 2017 when their IPO appeared. The transformation for any company from private to public is startling, much more so internally than externally in many cases from my first-hand experience. The warm fuzziness of knowing the people who own the company is often quickly replaced by a need to compete, which very much changes the dynamics. 

I'm not presenting this is bad or good, but it is very much different. 

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Re: An Open Letter To Roku: My Own Huge Change Of Heart

Thank you! You're so right.  Perhaps I should clarify some of my points made above a bit more.  I was not thinking so much of an exact particular day when the shift from user from private to public transition actually took place.  It was more like when the actual outcomes began to hit home (literally) and the poor unsuspecting-average-once-Roku-loving-joes finally began to take notice.  Plus especially the loss of the 2 new so widely anticipated 2020 apps from Roku's lineup really drove home this new Roku direction. 

Not so much of a particular point in time like a date, but a gradual snowball effect.  Until the pandemic hit.  Then Roku really accelerated this new direction and emphasis becoming loaded down (even drunk?) with even more unexpected pandemic generated money, trimming down their excess staff with ease (more permanently than temporary it seems),  and surprising stock market gains & climbing.

Will this last forever?  No.  Anyone who chooses to read the article listed above will see why.   

I myself don't see Roku in the actual streaming device manufacturing business anymore in the near or far future.  I see them entrenched strictly in the advertising/tech licensing  biz.  Where the money keeps rolling in without too much output from the few humans left there in the Roku HQ.  Let the other guy deal with the messy users instead!

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Re: An Open Letter To Roku: My Own Huge Change Of Heart

My back-up Plan B is now been fully 100% implemented as of last Thursday.  The new "secret" device has arrived in the mail.  It offers every app and every feature I want ALL TOGETHER in just one device.  No more compromises with either Roku or Amazon anymore and fooling around wasting my valuable time pleading to huge corporate deaf ears.  Plus the little wonder proved to be very affordable and delivers far more than expected.  The Roku devices have already been properly dealt with.

Plan C is next but that one might take a couple of months to fulfill.  This new present cheapo "secret" device will tide me over until this soon-to-arrive (I hope within a couple of months) desired one is actually available to buy.  If there is another lockdown, I don't want to be threatened or even left without all my apps anymore!  I paid good hard earned money right out of my pocket for them.  No charity here.

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Re: An Open Letter To Roku: My Own Huge Change Of Heart

This is how I feel too. I am moving on to another streaming device where I can access premium content like HBO Max.