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Re: Absolutely HATE the Latest Update

@Steelo07 wrote:

You are Definitely not alone! I Brought a 32" onn Roku a couple of weeks before Christmas. Love the guide because I just have Ota antenna so the Integration of Roku's free streaming into the guide I thought was awesome. So I liked the Feature so much, it helped me make a Decision on what tv to get for the man cave. Soooooo on Christmas I treat myself to a nice 70" onn Roku, and I loved it until this morning. This morning 1/12/21 I make myself a nice cup of Coffee turn on the 70" and the feature I loved is gone. It's funny, the 32" still has it but on the 70" it's gone. I'm not new to programing tv's I worked for Comcast, at&t, dish network and my brother repair them. I tried everything. When I say gone I mean gone, no options for tv input live tv  hide streaming TV channels. The all channels feature gone. You press left on the remote to bring up the guide and press left again then the * button nothing, the guide just go's back and back. Went back 6 days and could have keep going. I never felt so robbed by a company in all my ife. I checked the roku app or channel no square for live tv. Reset tv to factory settings nothing. Nothing worked. Well sorry for writing a book but, had to get it out. Have a great day.

That option is there on my Sharp Roku TV, and others report it as well with other brands. Sounds like an Onn decision, although why they would alter the base Roku OS in that way doesn't seem logical. 

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Re: Absolutely HATE the Latest Update


My unit is also a Sharp brand Roku TV, and still has the LiveTV functionality.  Seems odd that ONN would not be the same. 

I'm just looking at the Roku Settings screen and there is a category for TV inputs where the LiveTV square lives. When clicking through to the next screen, you should see

Hide streaming TV channels
Hide antenna channels
Scan for antenna channels

I would guess that on a factory reset unit, there should also be an option Add in the above list. I probably can't see it because LiveTV is currently switched On on my TV.

Maybe this can help.

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Re: Absolutely HATE the Latest Update

Cwcheese, Those 1st two options you got hide stream and hide antenna there gone. Everything was there when I frist got the TV just like yours. The only thing I don't understand is way my 32"onn is good. Got everything yours got. But the 70"onn missing it all. The only Difference that I see 32" build 9.4.0 4200-C5 and the 70"9.4.0 4200-CM I don't know if the cm and c5 matter, maybe. Tried updating both say all set.

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Re: Absolutely HATE the Latest Update

"The all-channels feature is gone. You press left on the remote to bring up the guide and press left again then the * button nothing, the guide just goes back and back."

This is also my situation: the left column with all the channels disappeared and is replaced by the guide for whatever specific channel the TV is on.  So, I have to move the up or down buttons to change the channel, which often does not respond at all. The last update I had was on 12/18/20, software version 9.4.0, build 4200. This is a TCL  S Series TV. I use an OTA antenna.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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