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Re: AT&T DSL Has Been Retired And No More For New Subscribers

Pretty much is true as you pointed put.  Do look closer to the plan that is closest to my own:

$55/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes

Includes $10/mo. equipment fee

I pay $40 dollars/mo. with NO equipment rental.  I buy my Modem/Router combo and the other parts & self-install and maintain it with minimum effort cost, or time (rarely needed).  Prices for the newer plans are not fixed.  They go up after 12 months.  I don't have to renegotiate all the time quibbling to keep my monthly charges down.  That makes it easy for me to afford the Internet access until something better comes along.  Plus my fixed income is not very flexible and cannot tolerate big changes in costs of anything.  Or major unrrpairable changes in plans that I can never come back to.

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