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A Very Roku Thanksgiving

As of this writing, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US.  Yes, I am busy preparing for the holiday feast up to now this very minute prepping the finger food<Tempura Shrimp w/dipping sauce, pizza bites, carrot & celery sticks, and fresh fruit anyone?>for my expected football munchy group over here.   I decided to take some time off from cooking up the feast to reflect on my Rokus I have or have had in the past and their contribution to my own life this past year. Why I have been contributing to this and other forums about the streaming world’s many possibilities and choices.  Plus their own challenges that these new devices pose for most people. (Don’t believe me? Just look at most of the new posts. All fraught with complaints, problems and even put downs.)

The “activity of the day” will be the Roku as a major storm is going through here prevents any outdoor activity for the next few days.    I designated it as the active centerpiece and the 21st century entertainer of the bedroom. There my non sports guests will stream whatever is listed on my Roku (150+ channels and counting), and in the other room, OTA regular broadcast football with just a simple indoor antenna hookup (no cable anywhere!) will engage the football followers.  As I will toil in the kitchen, slaving away busy preparing the traditional thanksgiving feast's major items. All the while the Roku keeping most everyone-the little ones especially-preoccupied and out of my way. 

At a certain time, my trusty timers will switch off the Roku plus both of the televisions and gathering together will commence.  No wailing from the disappointed crowd will change anything as I will pretend that the Roku and the televisions are out of my control<heh, heh>.  I just know that they don’t read these previous posts on the subject like all of you do and figure out my little secrets!  

Afterwards I will veg out in front of my own television & the Roku will finally entertain me.  Until the timer switches it off yet again as I will be very sleepy and won’t last too long awake.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here!Smiley Happy  Thank you for reading my posts this past year and most of the time, your feedback.  I am grateful for my good health at my advanced age and hope to continue having the  opportunity to explore my little wonder, my Roku Ultra, and share my findings and enthusiasm with all of you in this new upgraded forums during the next year. 

When next month’s end of the year holidays celebrations occur, I hope all of you find a new Roku waiting for you as your very own!

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Re: A Very Roku Thanksgiving

@Iona-D  Thanks for taking the time to share your festive plans with us! We're so glad to be able to provide some entertainment and joy to your holiday season. We wish you and yours the best throughout this winter season, and into the New Year! 

Happy Streaming from the Roku Community team!