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"Vaginal Odor" commercials

I'm really tired of turning off the "vaginal odors" commercial.  Although I can respect that there might be a need for such a product, the way it is advertised is offensive.   The things that are said and the accompanying visuals are verging on pornographic.  Please stop airing up this advertisement.

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Re: "Vaginal Odor" commercials

I have the same complaint about one for ‘positivity’ of pubic hair. Not really sure what they’re advertising, nor do I care. If the only thing you’re proud of is your pubic hair  that’s a YOU problem.

I keep seeing that Roku has no control about which commercials are shown on the Roku channel, but that seems unlikely. Folks are paying Roku to show their commercials. 

At a minimum, we, the users, should be able to Thumbs UP/DOWN to tailor our ad experience. And then Roku, could determine which ads resonate with their customers, and charge more to those advertisers. Win win. 

Optionally, give users the option to pay $.99/$1.99/… per month to do away with them and show snow.